3D X-rays

Positioning implants even more precisely, detecting inflammations better

State-of-the-art diagnostics as the basis for an excellent treatment result – this is my ambition. In my practice in Munich-Schwabing, I therefore use digital volume tomography (DVT). Thanks to the 3D images, we can observe your jaw structure very precisely from different sides, measure certain structures precisely in their spatial extent, prepare the necessary treatments perfectly and make them even safer and more gentle for you.

Fields of application (examples)

If you need an implant, because of the DVT we can accurately measure the anatomy of the surrounding tissue, plan the implant size and location precisely, and position the denture optimally.

Wisdom teeth
If wisdom teeth need to be removed, the procedure can be prepared even more precisely with the help of the DVT. This allows us to precisely identify your anatomical structures – for example, if you have a bony canal in which an important sensitive nerve runs in your lower jaw. If we anticipate such conditions, surprises during the procedure can be avoided and the treatment becomes safer and more gentle for you.

Pain and swelling
Do you suffer from pain or swelling and is the cause of your discomfort unclear? According to the DVT, we can reliably detect how dense a root filling really is, whether and if so, where exactly you have an inflammation in the jaw bone, a cyst or a break in the tooth outside the visible area.

How the DVT investigation works

You don’t need to be afraid of a DVT test. We’ll take you to an extra room. You sit on a special chair and wear a lead vest. The X-ray tube of the device rotates once around your head. The DVT device transmits the data to our computer. Afterwards, we will discuss the recordings and further treatment with you.

Another advantage of the DVT compared to CT scanners is the open device. This diagnosis is also well suited for patients with plaguid.

Advantages of 3D X-ray

  • High-precision, three-dimensional images of mouth, jaw and face
  • Immediate evaluation of results and precise planning of treatments possible, no separate appointment with a radiologist required
  • Safe, low-radiation process
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