Better result, less pain

My aim is to provide gentle, prevention-oriented dentistry at the highest professional level.

Lasers have therefore been indispensible in my dental practice since 1997. They simplify, accelerate and improve many treatments of teeth and gums significantly. Our modern equipment even replaces the drill in many areas.

In addition to reducing bacteria without side effects the concentrated high-energy laser light guarantees more effective therapies at a superior level of treatment comfort. We can achieve excellent results in less time. Compared with conventional methods laser treatments are conservative, minimally invasive and therefore cause virtually no pain. We can almost always avoid giving injections.

I use several laser systems at various wavelengths and therefore cover a broad therapeutic range – from restorative therapy to gum treatments, from caries removal to root canal work, from care for hypersensitive teeth to bleaching. To expand my expertise, I am currently studying for a master’s degree in laser technology part-time at the University of Aachen.

Why not see for yourself our high level of professionalism, expertise and many years of experience.



Laser technology has become accepted in many areas of life these days. When playing a CD or a Blu-ray disc, in impressive laser light shows or quite simply in barcode readers at your supermarket.

Laser light has also found its way into dentistry. The laser replaces the traditional drill and provides distinct advantages. Carious areas can be removed quickly, precisely and conservatively. What were often painful treatments in the past are now far more acceptable but still effective with a laser.

Even with previously often unpleasant root canal treatments the laser has distinct benefits. The intense laser light cleanses and sterilises the treated root canals and encourages healing of the inflamed tissue. The laser treatment prevents infections later on. This means any operations at the tip of the root can often be avoided.

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