Inserts: the affordable alternative to inlays

Inserts have many benefits

  • Inserts last two to three times as long as regular artificial fillings, so the tooth does not have to be drilled as often

  • The durability of a professionally produced insert matches that of a computer-milled ceramic inlay, but the cost is considerably lower (ideal price-performance ratio)

  • Compared with the artificial filling the insert is harder, so the occlusion level remains at a consistent height and the filling does not subside.

  • Marginal shrinkage is minimised, as the ceramic insert presses the composite firmly against the filling edge.

  • Inserts are tooth-coloured.



Inserts are a high-quality but low-priced alternative for a permanent, tooth-coloured filling.

Insert information

Ceramic inserts are something of a hybrid solution – between composite (artificial) fillings and ceramic inlays.

In the lab at our practice we produce ceramic inserts in various sizes and shapes. After producing a chemical adhesive a finished insert is placed in the synthetic filling.

Inserts are the low-cost alternative to a ceramic inlay. Over the past 15 years we have fine-tuned and further developed the elaborate production process.

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