Laser: drilling was yesterday, today we laser

Many dental treatments are less painful, gentler, more conservative, faster and more effective thanks to laser light.

Laser treatments are therefore ideally suited to:

  • Anxious patients
  • At risk patients, such as those fitted with pacemakers, patients who take anticoagulant drugs or suffer from cardiovascular disease, rheumatic patients
  • Pain-sensitive patients
  • Children
  • Diabetics
  • Expectant mothers


The benefits

  • The focused light makes contact only with the appropriate treatment site. This means laser therapy is less painful and gentler than conventional procedures.
  • Caries can be treated without drilling, humming and whistling. No contact, easy on the nerves, minimally invasive and sterile.
  • Laser light disinfects and removes bacteria from places that cannot be reached with other instruments. This increases the success of the treatment and accelerates healing. Bacterial periodontitis can be treated effectively, conservatively and without antibiotics using a laser.
  • The laser targets bacterial infections of the gums and dental nerve effectively and allows a healthy healing environment to be created.
  • Shorter treatment times, such as when treating caries, as anaesthetic is usually no longer necessary.
  • Surgical procedures and implant exposure by laser are conservative and cause minimal bleeding at the same time. No stitch is needed. Wounds heal significantly faster.
  • With root canal treatments the inflammation heals so well thanks to the laser that usually no surgical follow-up procedure (root amputation) has to be performed.
  • Bleaching with a laser is effective and conservative, without any side effects for the tooth.
  • Wounds, herpes and mouth ulcers heal quicker. Herpes is often effectively stopped.


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