How do lasers work?

Lasers emit clustered beams of light at a specific wavelength, in parallel and in phase. The laser light is therefore focused and capable of delivering a great amount of energy for treatment.

Why are laser treatments so good for me as a patient?

Because the different lasers provide gentle and minimal or no-pain alternatives to conventional treatments.

Is it possible with laser treatment to do without an injection (anaesthesia)?

Yes. In most cases laser treatment can be carried out without an injection and therefore faster.

How safe are lasers? Are there any side effects?

Our ultramodern lasers are high-tech and scientifically proven. Our laser treatments have no side effects whatsoever. During treatment your eyes are protected with special glasses.

Is laser treatment possible during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Yes, laser treatments can be carried out on expectant and nursing mothers without a problem. Even among patients with blood and circulatory disorders and people fitted with pacemakers there are no concerns. Among at-risk patients, due to the sterile conditions employed, no antibiotic prophylaxis is required before dental treatment.

Why is laser treatment especially suitable for children?

The major benefits for children are as follows. Laser treatment is virtually painless, it is quick and there are no unpleasant drilling noises and vibrations. Sterilisation prevents the advance of caries. After removing the lip frenulum there is no need for stitches. In our experience children have no problem with laser treatment and find it intriguing.


Can operations also be carried out with a laser?

Yes, it is possible to expose implants with a laser, for example, or very easy to remove frenula of the lip and tongue. The laser ensures a sterile and cosmetically excellent result; it means stitches are unnecessary and healing occurs with fewer complications.

Can any dentist use lasers?

Only experts should perform laser dentistry. Dentist Dr Beatrix Lenz has been using laser technology since 1997 and has exceptional expertise and a lot of experience in this field. She works with various lasers, each with their own specific wavelengths, as required.


Do laser treatments have to be paid for privately or do the statutory health insurance funds reimburse the costs?

Laser treatments are scientifically approved. However, health fund patients normally have to pay the cost or surcharge for this method themselves. Private and additional insurance policies often pay for laser treatments entirely or for the most part. You benefit from a more acceptable, less painful or even painless treatment and fewer unpleasant side effects. Plus, with laser treatment you are also choosing preventative, healthy maintenance of your teeth.

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